CDS DRess Code

We believe there is a relationship between student dress and success, school pride, and the accomplishment of educational objectives. In creating a standard of attire we seek to foster expressions of school and community while respecting individual differences. We believe that shared expectations for dress support a positive educational environment in the school, freeing students and staff from peer pressure and competition in clothing. By rejecting identical purchased and branded uniforms in favor of a consistent CDS standard of attire, we seek to minimize economic and social barriers and strengthen overall school spirit and the sense of community. We count on parents to support student adherence to our school’s vision for a consistent CDS student standard of attire.


Clothes can be purchased from any vendor (e.g., Target, Old Navy, Children's Place, etc.) that meets school guidelines, and the Lion's Pride Used Uniform Shop managed by the Parent Association in the CDS Annex is an excellent option for high-quality, affordable school clothes. For your convenience, we also have partnered with Lands' End School Uniforms (school code 900152653) and with French Toast School Uniforms (school code QS4NGH) to set up an account.


General requirements for all grades include:

All clothes should be neat, clean, and intact (no tears, holes, or fringed hems)

All shoes should be safe and sensible.
No flip-flops, high-heels, etc.
All shoes must be secure: laced, tied, fastened, fitted.


Outdoor clothing

Children play outdoors every day possible. Please ensure that your child has proper clothing for sudden changes of weather conditions, including hats, gloves, and boots. At the discretion of the teacher, children without the appropriate clothing may be required to stay inside.


Early Childhood - Kindergarten

All clothing

Students should wear comfortable, weather-appropriate, play-ready clothing. Please provide an extra set of seasonal clothing to keep at school.


Grades 1-8:

All clothing

No designs, logos, or adornments are permitted except for the CDS logo.



Khaki or navy chino, cargo, or slack style.
Pants must sit at waist area with no visible undergarments.
No "skinny" or jean styles: must be able to “pinch an inch” (material gives a little) all the way to the ankle.
Khaki or navy capri pants or walking shorts are permitted to mid-thigh or longer.


Skirts, skorts, dresses, and jumpers

Solid navy and khaki or school-approved plaid styles to mid-thigh or longer, whether or not shorts, tights, or leggings are worn underneath.
Polo-style dresses in solid navy or khaki are acceptable.
No sheer or see-through styles.



Short- or long-sleeved, collared, polo-style, and turtleneck shirts are acceptable.
Grades 1-5: Solid black, cobalt blue, forest green (evergreen), heather gray, navy, white, yellow.
Grades 6-8: Any solid color (no neon colors).
Never excessively tight.
Underlayers in acceptable colors may be seen only at the neckline and sleeves, or must be the same color as the outer top. Outer tops must overlap pants or skirt. Acceptable colors for underlayers are solid black, cobalt blue, forest green (evergreen), heather gray, navy, white, and yellow. 



Solid black, cobalt blue, forest green (evergreen), heather gray, navy, white, yellow, (no neon colors).
All CDS sweatshirts are acceptable.


Socks and leg wear

Any socks may be worn under long pants.
Socks with shorts or skirts and tights/leggings to the ankle or full-length tights in navy, black, white, heather gray, or skin tone colors.



Middle School students may wear any T-shirt with mid-thigh length athletic shorts of any style or color. All items must have appropriate design and language.


Dress down days

No stains or tears.
No cut-off or fringed styles; all clothing must be hemmed.
No sleeveless or excessively tight attire.
Legging-fit type bottoms may be worn if wearing a top that is tunic-length in front and back.
Skirts, Capri pants, or walking shorts are permitted to mid-thigh or longer.
All items must have appropriate design and language.





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