Keeping Tabs Design Team

CDS Middle School Students 2002-2003

The winning design was submitted by CDS students Maya Krasnow, Ingrida Ramanaviciene, and Pam Savitz. The design team that worked on the final version of the sculpture with artist Elena Hiatt Houlihan included CDS students Emily Feder, Nicolay Lamm, Stacey Horvitz, Erica Lubetsky, Sam Shulkin, Ruth Israel, Isaac Munro, Ally Supowitz, and Paul Weinstein.



Original Student Artists’ Statement:

Our sculpture is a meaningful, symbolic maze-like structure of a Star of David. Inside the star, there is a circle divided into three walls, which all lead to an external flame of remembrance isolating six pop tabs in the base of the candle. On the outside are six plexiglass walls made up of two layers, making up the star, each containing the pop tabs. If there are any extra pop tabs left, we will fill them into the circular walls on the inside. Each wall is six feet high. The exterior walls are five feet each, and the width between the two walls is one foot. The width of the circular wall is one-half foot.


Our design is safe because the plexiglass will hold up the pop tabs, keeping them away from harming people. The overall area is around 112.5 square feet. Also, we would only need to mold the plexiglass for the inner circle, not for the outside walls. The candle and the base that the candle sits on will be made up of Smooth On, in which the six isolated tabs will be held. It will show people the mass genocide that Hitler and the Nazis inflicted on the Jews. But because the sculpture is in the shape of the Jewish star, it will not depress people, but uplift their spirits. The flame also will remind people of the Jewish people today that are living, along with those who have perished away. It is going to be placed in the center of the grass area in front of the school. Our sculpture will look beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside, and it will uplift the people who come to see it.





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