Gary and Nancy Tuckfelt
Keeping Tabs: A Holocaust Sculpture

Be strong, and may we be strengthened

A place of contemplation, of revelation, of meditation.

A place for Holocaust education, where students create learning materials, research stories of individual lives lost, and own this piece of the world and Jewish history.


A place to bring each new generation that grows farther from history closer to its lessons.


A place where visitors can see what one teacher inspired his students to accomplish, and what one community accomplished by working together.'



On the campus of Community Day School, Gary and Nancy Tuckfelt Keeping Tabs: A Holocaust Sculpture commemorates each and every one of the approximately six million Jewish lives that were lost in the Holocaust. Keeping Tabs is a maze in the shape of the Star of David, constructed of glass blocks filled with aluminum "pop tabs" collected and counted by CDS students, each tab representing a human life lost at the hands of the Nazis.


The sculpture reminds us to “keep tabs on our humanity”. As we teach our students at Community Day School, when there is inhumanity in the world, that is the time to be an "upstander." An "upstander," in contrast to a bystander, is someone who acts to confront prejudice and injustice and does their part to make the world a better place. 


Want to know more about the Keeping Tabs sculpture project? Click here to download our introductory presentation.

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