The Early Childhood Education program at CDS provides a warm and nurturing environment where children can learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally while enjoying a vibrant Jewish experience.

Where Reggio Meets Jewish Learning

Our Early Childhood program is inspired by the practices of Reggio Emilia, a proven, well-researched model that has been shown to help children prepare for kindergarten―and for life. What does Reggio Emilia mean to us here at Community Day School? We all know that language, math, science, and other key academic subjects appear in many aspects of our everyday lives, particularly for our youngest learners as they try to make sense of their new and exciting world. That’s why we empower our students to explore their curiosities in ways that make sense to them. Students are not just involved in what we learn, but how we learn it.  



In our Pre-K, teachers have open dialogues with students to determine how they want to explore topics of interest to them. Do they want to create something from materials, find library books, ask questions, or imagine something wonderful that our adult minds have not even considered? Under this framework, when our Pre-K students encounter a typical Early Childhood problem such as sharing, teachers include both students in finding a solution, guiding as little or, as much as, needed. 


In our 3-year-old program, our teachers work to find creative and engaging experiences that speak to the children who they know so well. Teachers as members of the class are always involved in our process, and for our youngest learners, this means building the opportunities they need to grow, learn, and flourish. When you allow children to lead you, you will be amazed at how far they will go!


This beautifully organic process cannot occur without the supporting structure necessary to providing the guidance students need to learn and grow as children, students, problem-solvers, and members of the Jewish community. All of these experiences occur in an environment that seamlessly weaves together Jewish teachings and beliefs and Hebrew language instruction. The children explore the Jewish holidays, but they don’t stop there. Teachers draw connections to Jewish life and learning throughout our days, and students are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers about their heritage and practices.


Our Early Childhood students also have the benefit of taking part in school-wide events and being part of a larger caring community. For example, all students, staff, and faculty at Community Day School are divided into the 12 Tribes, or Shevatim, named after the 12 Tribes of Israel. Students remain in their Tribe during all of their years at CDS, growing into role of mentor as new students join each year. This program helps to build lasting and meaningful connections among our 3-year-old and Pre-K children and our older students.


We’d love to welcome your child to our vibrant, nurturing community where children laugh, learn, discover, and play each day. Start your CDS exploration now! Click here to contact Sarah DeWitt, Admission Director, and schedule a personal tour. 


Our experience with the Pre-K class has been phenomenal. The integration of education, imagination, and Jewish learning was inspiring. We truly felt like we created a family of families. When your child checks the calendar at the beginning of a school break and sadly exclaims that there are "eight whole days till I get to go back to school" you know you've got them in the right place.

- Jennifer Goldston, Parent

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